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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products imported from China?

All of hÔm PVC panels are manufactured directly in Vietnam. We run a 3-hectare factory in the southern industrial park of Yen Bai province. Our factory is currently equipped with 15 European standard machines with a capacity of 60.00 m2/month, a closed production process and a team of workers with high expertise in research and operation.

What is the raw material that makes up the plastic core of hÔm product?

Our products are made from raw PVC with natural white plastic that can be flexed up to 360° for use in difficult-to-handle bends of the building. This is the result of the research and testing process of raw SR58 PVC, which is imported 100% from Thailand, and stone powder from Yen Bai highlands according to the reasonable mixing ratio by hÔm's experts. We are still investing in research to bring the best products to customers.

What is the difference between raw plastic and recycled plastic?

Raw plastic is a pure, undoped, no additive plastic, formed from the fractional distillation of petroleum. Raw plastic is soft, flexible. It has high elasticity, resistant to warping and pressure, glossy surface, smooth, white and bright color. This type of plastic is often used to manufacture valuable, high-tech items or products that requires safety and sustainability.

Recycled plastic is re-produced from collected plastic. The plastic is crushed, cleaned, dried and melted before being transferred to the extruder to be transformed into vermicelli fibers or plastic pellets. Recycled plastic is widely used as production material in industrial, construction or environmental fields.

Why do we say PVC panel is the perfect replacement for traditional materials such as wood, brick and stone?

Traditional materials such as wood, brick and stone are quite aesthetical. However, they are heavy, expensive and require the exploitation of natural resources for production and use.

With advanced heat pressing technology, PVC panel offers a new solution for architecture with a variety colors of wood, stone and papers. Products with light weight, fast construction, eye-catching designs and suitable cost for the budget of many projects.

What are the dimensions of hÔm PVC panels? How long is the maximum product?

hÔm currently offers 3 lines of solutions for ceilings, walls and decorations with diverse sizes for each project. For detailed information about the size of each product, please take a look at the Product section of the website and contact us via our hotline if there are any questions that need to be answered.
Currently, hÔm can supply products with maximum lengths of 11.7m to meet the order from partners.

What are the advantages of hÔm PVC panels?

Bent 360 degree: hÔm PVC panel is manufactured from SR58 raw plastic, 100% imported from Thailand. Combined with flexible production technology, the plastic panel can be bent up to 360 degrees.

Waterproof – No warping – No shrinkage: Hi-tech raw plastic panel with a thickness of up to 9mm can withstand factors such as water, humidity, sunlight and temperature.

Long using life: The product is made of high quality raw plastic with a layer of laminated cover by high-tech heat pressing technology, the thickness up to 9mm can withstand the impact.

No harmful chemicals: The product does not contain harmful chemicals and additives for human health.

Fast construction: The yin and yang lockable technology helps speed up the installation and construction progress.

World architectural trends: hÔm PVC panel not only has diversified and trendy designs, but also offers new construction solutions, helping to minimize the exploitation of natural resources.

Which buildings should use PVC panels?

With more than 150 patterns of wood, stone and papers, hÔm raw hi-tech plastic panel is suitable for many different design styles. Products have been widely used in housing projects, hotels – resorts – spas, hospitals – schools, offices and other spaces.

Is hÔm raw hi-tech plastic panel durable? How many years is their life expectancy?

Under strict control from the quality of input materials, production to output quality, hÔm's products have good resistance to impact forces as well as external impacts such as water, humidity, light, etc. Currently, with a thickness of 9.2mm, hÔm's PVC panel can reach 40 years of using life.

Is hÔm raw plastic panel safe for human health?

hÔm PVC panel is made from raw plastic materials and stone powder from Yen Bai highlands. The product does not contain harmful chemicals and additives for human health.

During the construction process, will the points where the products are drilled or bolted be moistured or absorbed by water?

In addition to the main structure of four layers: base layer, PVC layer, cover layer and protective layer. The PVC panel is also coated with vacuum and ultraviolet radiation to increase protection, helping the product not to be absorbed by moisture or water at the drilling points on the product.

Can hÔm products be bent at the meandering and winding sections of the project?

hÔm raw PVC panel is manufactured using advanced flexible expansion technology, so it can be bent up to 360 degrees. During construction, the product can be generated by heat to clad in curves, increasing the aesthetics and saving the worker's effort.

Will the cover of the panel come off after a period of use?

All hÔm panels undergo a high-tech heat pressing process with high quality glue. They are also covered with a protective layer to help prevent scratches, maintain long-term aesthetics. Therefore, the product has excellent durability and does not peel off during use.

Is the hÔm panel resistant to moisture and easy to clean?

hÔm PVC panel is composed of 4 layers: base layer, PVC layer, cover layer and protective layer. In which, the protective layer is also the top layer of the product after preliminary finishing. Here, the PVC panel will be put into the vacuum coating and then illuminated with ultraviolet rays to increase the protection, anti-scratches, ensuring the material is durable, beautiful and perfect shiny over time. Also thanks to this protective layer, the product can be easily cleaned when exposed to dirt.

Could we use PVC panel in humid environments such as kitchens, toilets?

With water resistance, termite prevention and no warping, hÔm PVC panel can be used in environments with higher humidity than usual. In addition, the sheet can also be cleaned easily when dirt adheres to the surface.

Can we use hÔm products in spas?

In addition to its waterproof and moisture-resistant features, hÔm's interior panel features a wide variety of natural wood, natural stone and decorative papers, offering a variety of styles for all spas.

Are hÔm products suitable for the coastal climate conditions?

The advantage of hÔm PVC panel is that it is effective against water and moisture, which is very suitable for typical coastal climatic conditions. Moreover, the product is lightweight so it is convenient for transportation and construction.

In the humid tropical weather of Vietnam, could hÔm products withstand and ensure their performance well?

Unlike some traditional materials, hÔm PVC panel has been improved to respond well to the typical climate of our country. The European-standard technology helps the plastic layer and the cover layer maintain a beautiful durability against the effects of the environment.

Could we use hÔm products for buildings or outdoor projects?

hÔm PVC panels are used for interior applications only, so they cannot be used outdoors, where prolonged high light and temperature will rapidly shorten product life.

To meet the needs of outdoor buildings, swimming pools, hÔm's experts are actively researching to launch products that not only ensure good functionality but also maintain long-term aesthetics.

Can hÔm products be reused?

With the yin and yang lockable technology that can be easily installed and removed, the PVC wall panel can be reused in many different projects. Besides, the light weight also helps the transportation between construction sites smoothly and quickly.

Especially, because it is made up of high quality raw plastic material, hÔm products can be used for recycling into other products when it is no longer usable.

What are the models of hÔm hi-tech raw plastic panels? What about its applicability in classic, modern, minimalistic for interior design?

hÔm now offers more than 150 cover codes of unique wood, stone and paper pattern. In addition to traditional patterns applied in classical and luxurious spaces, hÔm also owns latest trendy patterns in the market that are trusted by contractors and design companies for civil engineering in term of modern, minimalistic, Boho, Nordic style, etc.

Does company have a construction team? How long does the construction take?

To ensure prompt and effective customer support, hÔm will directly introduce customers to partners in charge of construction. hÔm's partners will have a strict implementation and supervision process to ensure the quality and aesthetics before handing over their work to customers. Construction time will depend on the size of the project.

For large-scale projects, please contact directly 0989 22 46 56 to receive direct advice from hÔm's construction team.

Can hÔm's factory ensure a steady supply of goods?

hÔm currently has a PVC panel manufacturing factory in the southern industrial park of Yen Bai province. The factory is invested in modern production technology with large capacity. Depending on the requirements of each order, hÔm will recommend a specific delivery time (usually 3-7 days).

Is PVC panel easy to construct and install?

The PVC panel has outstanding advantages in weight and integrated lockable technology. These two factors make construction and installation quick, easy and convenient.

What is the policy for hÔm's distributors?

hÔm always wants to cooperate with distribution units to bring the best quality products at affordable prices to users. With distributors and agents, hÔm always provides the most attractive incentives. For more information, please contact our showroom and office:
No. 152 – Lot C3 – Dai Kim New Urban Area – Dai Kim Ward – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi
0989 22 46 56

How can distributors, project customers and retail customers buy hÔm's products?

Please contact our showroom and office at the following information:
No. 152 – Lot C3 – Dai Kim New Urban Area – Dai Kim Ward – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi
0989 22 46 56

Does hÔm have design service to support customers?

hÔm has provided a general construction package, including a design service for the project. Please contact hÔm at 0989 22 46 56 if you need design advice.

How to identify the quality of hÔm products compared to similar products on the market?

hÔm PVC panel is manufactured from high quality raw plastic combined with stone powder. They are completely undoped or added harmful additives so that the panels have natural white color, smooth and bright surface. During installation at the building, the product is outstanding with its ability to flex and create bends.

The cover layer has a genuine line, does not peel off thanks to the use of high-tech heat pressing method and high quality adhensive. We also cover the product surface with a protective coating to keep it from scratches and retain a beautiful, shiny durability over time.

Does hÔm supply goods for small constructions? For large projects that require large volumes, how long will hÔm deliver the goods and will hÔm support the shipping costs?

Currently, hÔm has a nationwide distribution system to support small projects in small quantities. We encourage our customers to directly contact local dealers to save time and transportation costs. (The list of distributors is regularly updated on our website).
For large projects, hÔm will directly contact customers for the delivery time and shipping costs. We are committed to always provide products completely and punctually.
For customers want to become our agents, hÔm has our own support policies and incentives.
For more information, please contact:
hÔm Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company
Telephone: 0989 22 46 56
Address: No. 152, Lot C3, Dai Kim New Urban Area, Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi

Do you have a separate supply of PVC layer for customers wishing to directly paint on the product instead of using the cover layer with decorative patterns?

Customers wishing to buy PVC separately to use for decorative painting purposes at the project, please contact hÔm at 0989 22 46 56.

Why is the price of hÔm's products higher than the prices of other brands in the market? Do you have products for the low-cost segment?

With the aim of providing customers with quality products with a long life, saving on repair and replacement costs, hÔm only supplies high quality raw plastic products. Currently, our products are manufactured from 100% raw SR58 plastic imported from Thailand under modern expansion technology so it can withstand external factors. This is the difference between hÔm’s products and the low-quality products that are normally cheap, very brittle, easy to warping and peeling after a short period of use.

In particular, hÔm’s products have a realistic and natural surface that is not easy to fade over the years. The product thickness of 9.2mm is also a strong point that helps the product to reach a lifespan of up to 40 years.

What is the warranty terms and conditions of hÔm's products?

hÔm always provides a warranty with specific and clear terms to guarantee the interests of consumers. For promptly support, please contact hÔm’s nearest agents.