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Not just another hard-cold, emotionless building materials, what hÔm Plasgo brand aims to bring to our customers and partners are the warm and trustworthy relationships. hÔm, pronounced in Vietnamese the same as the word “HOME”, is anywhere that would make us feel happy, cosy and safe. That would be exactly what hÔm Plasgo will bring to our customers – a feeling-at-home.

Assembled from thin lines, hÔm Plasgo’s logo illustrates our core products: wall and ceiling panels. The curve in the middle of the logo represents the language of nature – a stream, the harmony of water waves on the surface, wood grain on a tree slice, texture on a rock, ray of sunshine… hÔm Plasgo would like to assure our mission to protect the environment in order to minimize the need of destroying mountains for mining rock and cutting down forest for harvesting wood.


Rivers are drying up!
Mountains are eroding!
Forests are disappearing!
Natural resources are exhausted!

Despite being just a small part in the international industry of building material, hÔm Plasgo is heading towards the development of building materials with long life-span, friendly with the environment and human health. Hi-tech plastic is considered to be the perfect alternative to natural rock and wood, which are the cause of mountain erosion, forest destruction and many other negative impacts to the environment.

hÔm Plasgo brand provides interior decoration products made from virgin Hi-tech PVC such as interior and exterior panels for walling, flooring, ceiling, wall separation, grooved panels, decorative lines… Our products have high applicability and aesthetics, are suitable for all types of construction such as household, office, hotel, restaurant, resort… Produced 100% in Vietnam with advanced flexible expansion technology, products of hÔm Plasgo are protected from brittleness, shrinkage and warping, ensure a life-span of up to 40 years with high insulation capability, fireproof, waterproof, heatproof, soundproof and high durability in various weather conditions. Not just being a provider, hÔm Plasgo would like to guarantee the “happiness” in every customer whenever using our whole package of construction solution including architecture design, implementation and long-term warranty.

Our group of consultants are international specialists in the field of building materials, who are constantly providing us valuable experiences as well as updating most advanced technology around the world. The hÔm Plasgo brand is built by experienced leaders, who are well-trained from foreign education, accompanied with young, energetic, daring staffs and the collaboration of reputable, trustworthy network of distributor/retailers. hÔm Plasgo truly believes that our thoroughness will make the customers consider hÔm Plasgo products to be THE FIRST AND ONLY CHOICE FOR THEIR NEED.


With a passionate heart and an open-minded personality, hÔm Plasgo is always eager to be in pursuit of the newest trend while developing the ecosystem of hi-tech virgin plastic products with unique design, long lifespan, environmental friendliness with nature, human and animals.


For customers: hÔm Plasgo, as a loyal companion to our customers, materializes a relentless yearning of transforming impossible prospects into possibilities and complexity into simplicity. We intrinsically commit to bring SECURITY through high quality and competitive price, SERENITY with unique style and design, SAFETY to health.

For distributors, investors and strategic shareholders: hÔm Plasgo highly appreciates the investment in the expansion of a PROFOUND ecosystem (with hi-tech virgin plastic products for interior and exterior decoration) to enhance added value and sustainable profit, minimize potential risks for distributors, investors and strategic shareholders.

For employees: A sole tree will not stand firm in a storm but a forest will, only collective solidarity brings great success. Therefore, we put all effort to BUILD a work environment full of trust, cohesion, respect and support among employees. Together, we transmit inspiration for every creation and enthusiasm at work.

For the society: The products of hÔm Plasgo is expected to be the excellent SUBSTITUTE for the natural wood and stone, diminishing deforestation and mountain erosion. Technology makes great contribution to create products with long lifespan, ability to reuse many times and no emission of harmful additives into the environment. It is committed that a portion of profit will be CONTRIBUTED to environmental projects such as tree protection or afforestation.


Honesty: There is no exaggeration on products because customers are regarded as the best “appraisers” and “advertisers” for products of hÔm Plasgo.

Creativity: Be variable and flexible like a chameleon to adapt to market changes, which can be seen through creativity in products, services, thinking, methods, tools and actions.

Execution of the commitment: Every promise is not just a series of words but a commitment which would never be refused to be fulfilled.

Dedication: For it is in giving that we receive, every action of hÔm Plasgo will always be dedicated for the sustainable development of employees, partners, customers and the society.


The product has superior quality compared to other brands
• Made from virgin plastic of SR58, imported 100 percent from Thailand
• The advanced flexible expansion technology generates the malleability of 360 degree which prevents brittleness, shrinkage and warping
• Not contain chemicals and additives harmful to human health
• Thickness up to 9mm enhances the resistance to different elements such as water, humidity, high temperature or sudden temperature changes
• Good resistance to impact and environmentally adverse agents, bringing long-lasting product life of up to 40 years

Competitive price appropriate to various customer groups
• There is no need for plastering and color coating because PVC wall and ceiling panels of hÔm Plasgo can be installed directly on rough surface, which helps to save 30-50 percent of construction cost
• The price is suitable for many customers and the different scales of projects
• Attractive discount rate for distributors
• The price is committed to be equivalent to product quality and service

Dedicated, professional service with overall package
• Provide 24/7 consulting service and support
• Fast within-a-day delivery
• Multi-function warehouse can meet all needs and diverse scales of projects
• Quick and transparent warranty, return and exchange policies
• Provide overall package of construction
• A team of building technicians fully equipped with technical expertise and practical experience

The brand associated with the responsibity of environmental protection
• Ability to be reused for other construction
• Long product lifespan helps in reducing industrial waste for the environment
• Appropriate substitute for natural wood and stone, which decreases deforestation and mountain erosion