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Types of product  Width
Thickness (mm) Length (mm)
100 mm flat panels 100 9,2 3000
300 mm flat panels 300 9,2 3000
400 mm flat panels 400 9,2 3000
600 mm flat panels 600 9,2 3000

– Origin: Manufacture at factory in Southern Industrial Park of Yen Bai province.
– Made from high quality raw plastic SR58, imported 100% from Thailand
– Durable 7-layer structure, flexible plastic technology helps the product to bend 360 degrees without warping, or deformation and using life up to 40 years.
– 9,2 mm thickness increases the resistance, withstands agents such as water, humidity and temperature.
– The imported cover layer using nano-silver technology that helps the surface to be durable, against fading and beautiful over time.
– Hitech heat pressing technology helps the cover layer stick firmly to the panels, resist of water and easy to clean.

hÔm hi-tech raw plastic panel is a smart choice for all projects with outstanding advantages.

1. Heat insulation, soundproof, fireproof
hÔm PVC panels are heat insulation, soundproof, fireproof, protecting the safety of your home. With its own structural properties, the material has the ability to air-condition, keeping the room cool in summer and warm in winter. Thereby helping to save maximum power consumption for air conditioners. They are also effective against fire, so they are especially suitable for tall buildings.

2. Waterproof, moisture-proof
The product has excellent moisture resistance and water resistance. They withstand the impact of all weather conditions, especially hot and humid climate of Vietnam. As a result, they are commonly used in the bathroom, toilet area, areas that are frequently wet by water and steam.

3. High durability
Hi-tech raw plastic panels have using life of up to 30-40 years.

4. Diverse in colors and designs
With PVC panels, you have countless choices of colors, patterns, styles, colors, etc. Especially, the color of the product achieves a natural look equivalent to the real wood or stone surface.

5. Meet the needs of aesthetics
In terms of aesthetics, this is a bright plus for PVC panels. With the variety of designs and colors, your space has been adorned with a beautiful picture. You no longer have to worry about the humidity problem that can destroy your cozy or luxurious space, nor afraid of the time it takes to make the paint fade and patchy. There is certainly nothing that can decorate a space more brilliantly than PVC panels.

6. Easy to clean
The PVC panels are fitted so tightly that there is no space for dirt to adhere. They have a smooth surface that is convenient for cleaning. All you need is a soft washcloth and regular sanitizer to make them shiny immediately.

7. Cost savings
Choosing a PVC panel is a lot of money savings, including:
– Product purchasing costs: The price of PVC panels are usually lower than equivalent natural materials such as wood, stone. The products are also lightweighted so transportation costs are also significantly reduced.
– Construction cost: PVC panel construction is quite simple, so it can save labor cost.
– Maintenance and repair costs: The product is durable and has a clear and fast warranty, so you can be assured of long-term use without worrying about repair costs.

8. Environmentally friendly
PVC panels are called a green product because it does not contain harmful additives that pollute the environment and human health. Using high quality raw plastic for a long time contributes to the protection of the living environment around you.